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Little acorns – 14th May 2018

Vicky started this session by passing around a Reborn doll, which was a very beautiful sight. A few of the residents knew it was a doll but the rest treat it like a real baby and rocked and asked about her name and weight etc

Chloe arrived with her children, so we transitioned into children's songs, which a lot of residents joined in with and help us choose. We had a story time. Mae chose the book, which was Peppa Pig goes to the dentist. After story time we had snack time. We finished with play dough crafting while Chloe went around to each resident with baby Peggy and chatted. We really enjoyed today's session and we look forward to the next one in a fortnights time. Chloe is going to remind more mums and bring a friend next time

Little A 1 Little A 2

Little A 3 



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